The first edition of Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness was written in 2003. My vision was for one book that contained all of the significant ideas (significant to me) from my own thoughts as well from other works that I had read. The pdf of the first edition can be downloaded from here.

The second edition was started and completed in a few months in 2006. This was the first edition that was for sale, although the number of copies sold to individuals other than myself was probably less than ten, and maybe less than five. The original cover did not have the words "Second Edition" on them. I added that to this file for clarity. The pdf of the second edition can be downloaded from here.

In 2010, I thought I would spend a weekend updating the book. It took quite a few months, but I don't remember how many now. This version had some major changes over the second edition. The pdf of the third edition can be downloaded from here.